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Manufacturers of Steam Boilers, Industrial Autoclaves, Thermal Oil Heaters, Pressure Vessels and Heat Exchangers.

Thermal & Pressure Engineering is a dedicated group of engineers specialising in the design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of Steam Boilers, Hot Water Heaters, Thermal Oil Heaters, Pressure Vessels, Autoclaves and Heat Exchangers. With a highly skilled team from a broad range of thermal, mechanical and control backgrounds, we have the capability to design and construct tailor made equipment and thermal process plants to suit a wide variety of industries.

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Steam Boilers

vertical watertube steam boiler

Over nearly a decade, Thermal and Pressure Engineering have supplied 500+ tubeless vertical steam boilers, watertube steam boilers, and firetube steam boilers to a multitude of industries worldwide. A variety of businesses using our steam boilers are in abattoirs, milk processing facilities, hospitals, packaging plants, dry cleaners, rubber and chemical facilities.

Hot Water Heaters

electric thermal oil heater

Like our steam boilers, Thermal and Pressure Engineering have manufactured hundreds of hot water heaters that are well known for their functionality and durability. These firetube hot water heaters are employed in hospitals, industrial kitchens, large processing plants and commercial facilities.

Thermal Oil Heaters

watertube steam boilers

Thermal and Pressure Engineering have supplied thermal oil heaters (mainly to the minerals and resources industry) and have at least one thermal oil heating unit on every continent apart from Antarctica. The thermal oil heaters are fit for purpose and well respected by all major gold miners and EPCs around the world.