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Industrial Autoclaves and Retorts

The Thermal and Pressure Engineering Autoclaves and Retorts are designed to AS1210 or ASME to suit your process temperature and pressure requirements.

Construction of Autoclaves

Thermal and Pressure Engineering has been involved in the design and manufacture of industrial autoclaves for many years.

  • Can be produced in either horizontal or vertical design;
  • Designed and manufactured to ASME & AS1210 standard;
  • 316L Stainless Steel pressure vessel or mild steel construction;
  • Manual or fully automated locking system in either 1 or 2 door design;
  • Internal conveying system can be fitted;
  • Double cooling cycle (cold water and chilled water);
  • Viewing port provided;
  • Full immersion type with hot water recovery tank optional; and
  • Fully automated basket loading and unloading solution is also optional.

industrial autoclaves

Application of Autoclaves

We can supply autoclaves and retorts in any size with ancillary equipment and controls for a variety of processes. Equipment that we have supplied to date range from over-pressure/water spray units for food processing and sterilization, to large scale organic/inorganic waste destruction.


Thermal and Pressure Engineering have in house SCADA, PLC and HMI expertise. We can provide system automation that is either stand alone for the process required, or that which can be integrated into a plant control system. Some systems that are frequently provided are:

  • Computer controlled sterilization;
  • Pressure and temperature control;
  • Verification of sterilization results via printers, chart recorders, or data loggers;
  • Automated emissions monitoring;
  • Touch screen operator management; and
  • PIN Restricted user programming.

industrial autoclaves


With a high focus on worksafe practices and no harm philosophies, Thermal and Pressure Engineering have designed additional safety interlocks into our retorts and autoclaves.

  • Sterilization controlled by microprocessor;
  • No contamination possible while cooling with sterilized water;
  • Overpressure independent from temperaturel;
  • Safety in case of power cut;
  • No thermic shocks; and
  • Access programme denial for unauthorized persons.


For a quotation for your industrial autoclave and retorts project, please call us on 03 9357 7339.