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Waste Heat Steam Boilers

Thermal and Pressure Engineering have provided waste heat steam boilers to a number of clients who have a large volume of waste heat coming off equipment such as large engines (as found in small scale power plants) and then using that waste heat to create useful products such as hot water and steam. This waste heat can also be captured and transferred into thermal oil which can then be used in other areas of your plant or process.

An excellent example of these types of waste heat boilers is in the mining industry. Remote mine sites generally have to produce their own power through the use of generators that are fired on diesel or gas. Whilst the generators are creating electricity, a large amount of thermal energy is wasted via the exhaust through the hot combustion gasses. By ‘capturing’ that waste heat and redirecting it into our equipment, we can very easily provide hot water (for showers, laundry use, kitchens, etc) or process steam (for plant use) without the need to pay for additional fuel.